Engineering Customers & Products

Our Engineering product portfolio is diverse, comprising critical OEM assemblies, which are supplied just in time to customers, as well as a range of independent B2C products.

Our Group has been a vendor to M/s Tata Motors Limited for over 38 years. Similarly, we enjoy long-term strategic relations with most of our Customers, who rely on us not only for their regular supplies, but also for challenging jobs, R&D and experimentation activities.

Over the years, our B2B OEM customers have persistently trusted us to undertake high precision and critical jobs for diverse applications in a cost effective manner.

Key Products

Load Body Assemblies
Fuel Tanks
Air Tanks
Purge Tanks
Spare Wheel Carriers
RUPD, FUPD and SUPD Assemblies
Seat Frames
Height Adjusters
Engine Cross Members
End Cross Members
Tubular Cross Members
Chassis Reinforcements
Battery Box
Exhaust Gas Processing (EGP) Unit Mounting Brackets
CNG Bank Mounting Brackets
Engine Mounting Brackets
Shock Absorber Mounting Brackets
Radiator Mounting Brackets
Bumper Mounting Brackets
Ceiling Fan Blades
TPW Fan Blades
Refractory Cans
FMCG Products Retail Storage Units

In addition to our B2B OEM activities, we have created a portfolio of B2C products leveraging the infrastructure in place.

Texaa – 3 wheeler EV Passenger application
Texaa L – 3 wheeler EV Loader application
Plucky – Battery operated mini tea harvester cum hedge trimmer
LithoPure – Lithium Ion Batteries for EVs, Plucky and custom applications

For enquiries relating to any existing products or for new developments, please drop us an email at:

Our Customers