Engineering Capabilities

Our units are well equipped with excellent infrastructure with wide ranging capabilities to handle a wide variety of sheet metal and tubular jobs.

Sheet Metal Pressing & Forming

Pneumatic Power Presses
50 Tons to 630 Tons
Hydraulic Power Presses
100 Tons to 1200 Tons
250T Double Action
Hydraulic Power Press
210T Triple Action
Hydraulic Power Press
NC / CNC Shearing
NC / CNC Press Brake
CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Plasma Cutting

Tubular Forming

5 Axis CNC Pipe Bending
3 Axis CNC Pipe Bending

Welding Facilities

Mig Welding
Projection & Spot Welding
Circumferential Seam Welding
Longitudinal Seam Welding

Robotic Capabilities

Robotic Welding
Robotic Drilling

Surface Coating

Dip Pre Treatment
Spray Pre Treatment
Shot Blasting
Powder Coating
Liquid Painting
Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED)

Tool Room Facilities

EDM Wire Cut
CNC Turning