Tea Products & Quality

All four of our estates are TrusTea certified and the highest degree of care is taken for the production of good quality teas. Our factories have a high degree of automation and our Group has been one of the pioneers for establishing ‘on-line’ production units to minimize manual handling of teas during processing.

We are extremely passionate about the quality of our produce. A high level of skill is required to correctly process the plucked leaves, so as to compensate for environmental factors, such that good quality of teas are produced.

A random bulk sample drawn from each day’s production, along with the samples of each and every lot of teas packed is tasted by our estates’ Factory Teams as well as our Marketing Team at the Corporate Office to keep a close check on the quality of teas.

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Our Brands

Manipur Tea Estate


Ruttonpore Tea Estate


Derby Tea Estate


Pathini Tea Estate


Packaging Options


1 Kg Packets
250 G Packets
Rs. 10 Packets
Rs. 5 Packets


30 Kg
25 Kg
10 Kg
5 Kg

For enquiries relating to any of our existing brands, or for any other requirements, please drop us an
email at:contact@dmg.co.in