The foundations of the Tea Vertical of the Group were laid when, shortly after Independence, the British were divesting their commercial interests in the Indian Tea Industry.

Our Group acquired the Manipur Tea Estate in 1954, and has had a continuous presence in the Tea Industry for around 7 decades, with the involvement of four generations of the founder’s family.

The growth of the Tea Vertical accelerated with the acquisition of the Ruttonpore Tea Estate in 1986, the Derby Tea Estate in 2005 and the Pathini Tea Estate in 2006.

All of these gardens at the time of their acquisition were either sick or on a declining trend. The Pathini Tea Estate in particular was in a very poor condition, having been purchased during the liquidation proceedings of its erstwhile owner, the Tea Trading Corporation of India.

With our relentless efforts for plantation and infrastructure development over the years, all our estates boast of excellent facilities, and our Group ranks amongst the largest producers in the Cachar tea growing region in Assam.

The combined grant area of our estates is approximately 6200 Hectares, and the area under tea plantation is approximately 2700 Hectares. The combined production of our tea estates is approximately 4 Million Kg of CTC tea annually. We have installed capacities to process up to 5 Million Kg of CTC tea annually.

We have also developed a combined area of approximately 275 Hectares of rubber plantations at our four estates. In addition, we have also undertaken the development of plantations for palm oil, for which the soil and topography of our estates is suitable.

Tea Products & Quality

All four of our estates are TrusTea certified and the highest degree of care is taken for the production of good quality produce. Our factories have a high degree of automation and our Group has been the pioneer for establishing ‘on-line’ production units to minimize manual handling of teas.
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