The idea for Plucky was incubated to solve a problem of our own Tea Vertical. Over the years, the Tea Industry in India has been faced with a severe shortage of workers and tea pluckers. This shortage of workers has serious consequences on both the quality and quantity of tea produced.

Based on the needs of our Tea Vertical, as well as our own experience of using tea harvesters of Japanese and Chinese origins, our Engineering Vertical took up the challenge to design, develop and manufacture a fully indigenous, electric powered, single person operated Tea Plucking Machine.

Plucky is in use at our own tea estates, as well as a host of other leading tea plantations. It has also been trusted by the small tea growers, who have been introduced to the machine by the Tea Board of India through its various training drives in Assam.

Plucky has been engineered with various safety features, which prevent any type of mechanical or electrical overloads, resulting in a long life for the equipment. It requires minimal maintenance and is extremely intuitive to use.

It can be powered using conventional lead acid batteries, or alternatively, lithium ion batteries. For plantation customers, Plucky is also available with multi-point battery chargers, capable of re-charging up to 15 batteries simultaneously.